VOIP Class 5 telecom solutions
Focus Telecom deliver  VoBB and Hosted PBX solution for service providers, mobile opertors and ISPs based on Broadsoft platform. 
Broadsoft s the leading global provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) services to operators worldwide.
BroadSoft helps deliver applications Enterprise customers demand.
From its inception BroadSoft has been a pioneer in defining and adopting SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) as the foundation for delivering IP multimedia communications.
Of particular note is Broadsoft leadership in defining and implementing the full spectrum of Centrex/PBX business features in the SIP framework.
BroadSoft continues to innovate in critical areas of functionality and deployment economics for Service Providers.
With SIP now universally accepted, and with hundreds of carrier deployments, BroadSoft recognizes the continuous challenge of deploying a carrier-grade multitenant platform with the right mix of scalability, easy integration and continuously expanding ecosystem of devices and applications.
In Israel , Focus telecom deployed already 3 platforms :
  • Bezeq IP Centrex for business customers.
  • Orange partner for residential VoBB and IP Centrex for business customers.
  • Cellcom IP Centrex for business customers.

The Broadsoft platform supports the following solutions:

  • IP Centrex/Hosted PBX
A strong set of business telephony features is essential to a Unified Communications offer. From simple “find me/follow me” functionality that will simultaneously ring to fixed mobile convergence applications to making and receiving business calls on personal mobile devices, UC-One’s calling features are tied directly to the business dial plan. UC-One integrates seamlessly with advanced telephony features including Call Center and ACD , as well as front office applications like Auto Attendant and Receptionist.

  • Unified communication
Broadsoft provides built-in Outlook integration functionality through an Outlook toolbar, click-to-call contacts and calendar integration. This integration is supported throughput broadsoft  client applications portfolio, including contacts integration and calendar-based presence awareness in UC One clients.

  • SIP Trunking
Many enterprises from large to small have an installed base of legacy PBXes. BroadSoft SIP trunking capabilities extend UC-One to PBX users allowing the business to take advantage of UC without incurring the cost of changing their existing infrastructure until the time is right. BroadSoft’s interoperable technology works with all major PBXes, ensuring that UC and other advanced services, like Call Center and Auto Attendants, can uniquely overlay on top of any network architecture for simplified deployments and expedited time to market.

  • Call center
The BroadWorks Call Center application delivers a comprehensive cloud solution with the advanced functionality required for a broad range of call centers, along with the benefit of full integration with other BroadWorks Unified Communications (UC)-enabled services.
A hosted call center’s value and efficiency dramatically expand when offered with other BroadWorks applications such as IP Voice, Video, Unified Messaging, Conferencing and Mobility. An entire ecosystem of BroadSoft partners also offers advanced application.

  • Key benefits
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – Using sophisticated routing policies, route callers to the right queue, with the right priority, then route them to the next available agent using Skill-based routing.
IVR/Auto Attendant – Guide callers through with self-service applications, using voice or video prompts, to identify the best employee or agent.
Queuing – Ensure that incoming callers do not receive a busy signal or no answer, and  are queued  with the appropriate agent or employee – even when mobile.
UC Integration – Enable agents to manage any situation quickly with peers and supervisors, with integrated chat, presence, email and conferencing; as well as integration with CRM and other business applications.
Support distributed, remote and mobile agents – Virtual pools (ACD groups) of agents can be created that span the globe, ensuring follow-the-sun support with a workforce that can log in from anywhere.
Monitoring and Reporting – Ensure a quality experience by monitoring agents, utilizing whisper messages, barge in and emergency escalation when needed, and gain insight into performance with both historical and real-time reporting.

  • Meet me conference
BroadWorks Meet-Me Conferencing Solution supports both Instant Conferencing to meet the needs of a few participants, and Business Conferencing to support formal scheduled conferences with hundreds of participants. Designed to provide an easy-to-use, fully-integrated user experience, BroadWorks Meet-Me Conferencing can be enabled from a user’s phone, or a web portal, and leaders can manage active calls using a web-based meeting portal. One platform for all communications services eliminates the need for 3rd Party conferencing solutions and includes a unified, browser-based interface for scheduling conferences and controlling and recording calls in process. Users can initiate N-way calls and Instant Group Calls directly from their phones or desktop toolbars, without the need for bridge numbers and PIN codes. Instant Group Call is a BroadWorks feature that allows a user to alert and bridge together a predefined list of users by dialing a single number or extension. Large-Scale Business Conferencing Users can have their own Meet-Me conference bridge for ad-hoc meetings, or schedule conference bridges and notify participants using the BroadWorks Business Conferencing application. Leaders can manage active conference calls and participants, record and archive conferences, and schedule one-time or recurring conferences via the web portal. Video Conferencing Video capabilities are an additional option available with BroadWorks Instant Conferencing. It allows end-users to conduct video calls on any video-enabled devices, including IP video phones, soft phones and mobile phones. BroadSoft also works with industry-leading Technology Partners to provide large-scale video conferencing and collaboration.

  • Auto Attendants
IVR/Auto Attendant – Guide callers through with self-service applications, using voice or video prompts, to identify the best employee or agent.

  • Messaging
With BroadWorks Messaging, end users have access to all the features they are familiar with from advanced legacy voicemail systems, plus enhanced capabilities that allow them to receive fax and video messages, receive messages in their email, and get message notifications at their fixed and mobile phones, and desktop. Route all calls, whether to fixed or mobile devices, to a single mailbox; receive message waiting notifications at every device and the desktop; and retrieve messages from any device and the desktop. Users finally have the ability to manage all their messages quickly and easily.

  • FMC
With the Broadsoft UC One Platform integrates Service providers can deliver a full UC experience that transforms the way enterprise end-users communicate by making voice, video, web collaboration, and instant messaging and presence available on a single interface that spans a user’s mobile devices whether 2G, 3G or 4G. Additionally, users can easily access all of their UC services from desk phones, laptops, smartphones and tablets, communicating they way they want, anytime, anywhere. Open platform – By leveraging BroadSoft Xtended – an ecosystem that encourages the interoperability and integration of BroadSoft’s communications solutions with 3rd-party applications, devices and systems.