Chronos Technology Ltd is a leading international authority on resilient synchronization and timing solutions including the use of Global Navigation Satellite Solutions (GNSS), Precision Time Protocol (PTP), Network Time Protocol (NTP), as well as GNSS vulnerability detection and mitigation solutions.
Chronos Technology
CTL3510 and 3520 HD
Chronos demonstrates the CTL3510 and CTL3520 handheld GPS Jamming Detectors
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JammerCam M5 Black Van Detection v3 1
JammerCam and CTL3510 GPS Jamming Detector combine to identify and locate a GPS jammer in a company van
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Focus Telecom RF Switch

Remote/ Preprogrammed GPS Switch

a standalone module which allows for remote or preprogrammed disconnection of a GNSS antenna input.

The Remote / Preprogrammed GPS Switch allows the user to minimize and limit the exposure to GPS vulnerabilities such as GPS spoofing or jamming.
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 GPSdome Model T

Anti–Jammer & Anti–Spoofer for Timing systems

GPS Anti–Jammer & Anti-Spoofer for Timing systems.
GPSdome – T is a standalone, mountable antenna module which provides protection against jamming and spoofing of GPS systems.
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