Chronos Technology Ltd is a leading international authority on resilient synchronization and timing solutions including the use of Global Navigation Satellite Solutions (GNSS), Precision Time Protocol (PTP), Network Time Protocol (NTP), as well as GNSS vulnerability detection and mitigation solutions.

GPS Jammer Detector

The Chronos CTL3510 GPS Jammer Detector is a low cost, handheld, battery operated device designed to detect the presence of GPS jamming or too much power or interference in the GPS (L1) band.​
Ideal for detecting commercially available GPS jammers hidden in vehicles.
​Time stamped event logging option enables covert deployment in vehicles where the driver is suspected of using GPS Jammers.
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Handheld GPS Jammer Detector and Locator

The Chronos CTL3520 GPS Jammer Detector and Locator is ideal for the detection and location of commercially available GPS jammers hidden in vehicles. This handheld, battery operated device is designed to detect and quickly locate the presence of jamming signals from commercially available GPS jammers or too much power or interference broadcast in the GPS (L1) band.
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World's first jammer triggered a camera

‘JammerCam™’ from Chronos triggers a photo trap as a vehicle carrying a GPS L1 jammer passes. JammerCam™ emails the image of the vehicle via a server to your phone within seconds of the event.  Additionally, analysis can be performed using the server’s web GUI such as frequency, time of day, day of the week.
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JammerCam M5 Black Van Detection v3 1
JammerCam and CTL3510 GPS Jamming Detector combine to identify and locate a GPS jammer in a company van
Chronos Technology
CTL3510 and 3520 HD
Chronos demonstrates the CTL3510 and CTL3520 handheld GPS Jamming Detectors