Clocks Components & Measurement

Cesium Primary Reference Source

TimeCesium 4400

Generate superior, highly reliable Stratum 1 synchronization signals for advanced telecom network services.
Based on the latest Cesium III technology from Microsemi our TimeCesium® 4400 is an autonomous Primary Reference Source designed for telecom network operators to generate superior and highly reliable G.811 synchronization signals for advanced network services.
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Cesium Primary Frequency Standard

Unsurpassed accuracy, stability and reliability for demanding laboratory and field applications.
Accurate, stable, and capable of delivering extremely predictable time and phase for long periods, the 5071A meets the needs of leading-edge metrology and calibration labs. Used with GPS systems, the 5071A provides master clock integration for 
telecommunication, satellite communication, and navigation systems.
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Lightweight, compact, economical cesium frequency standard

CsIII Model 4310B

Weighing less than 30 pounds, the CSIII Model 4310B delivers higher stability, lower phase noise and longer life for demanding users in communications, timing, synchronization and other applications. Designed for portability, the CSIII is a functional, versatile Cesium Reference Standard that performs as a primary reference standard and calibration standard in applications...
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MHM 2010 Active Hydrogen Maser

Hydrogen Maser

The world's most widely installed active hydrogen maser for applications that require extreme frequency stability, low phase noise and long service life. 
The MHM 2010TM is the only commercially available active hydrogen maser with stand-alone cavity switching auto tuning manufactured in the U.S.
This technique enables the MHM 2010TM to deliver long-term frequency stability normally only attributed...
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High-Performance, Extended-Range Phase Noise

The 5125A makes accurate phase-noise measurements on signals from 1 MHz to 400 MHz, covering the full range of the most commonly used frequency references. The 5125A, which requires absolutely no configuration, displays measurement results seconds after the Start button is pressed.
Microsemi's 5125A makes accurate phase-noise measurements on signals from 1 MHz to 400 MHz...
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Easier, More Cost-Effective Measurements in One Box


The all-digital 5120A High-Performance Phase Noise and Allan Deviation (ADEV) Test Set with Ultra Low Noise Floor transforms the way accurate phase noise and Allan deviation measurements are made.
This simple one-box solution makes fast yet accurate single sideband (SSB) phase noise and ADEV measurements at the click of a button, all at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions. What used to be complicated ...
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High Performance Low Phase Noise Test Probe


Easier, More Accurate and More Cost-Effective Measurements in One Box.
The 3120A makes accurate phase-noise and ADEV measurements on signals from 0.5 MHz to 30 MHz, covering the full range of the most commonly used frequency references.
The 3120A, requires an external reference and computer to be used with the 3120A Phase Noise Test Software to make measurements.
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Advanced Synchronization Performance Analysis Tool

Imports and analyzes synchronization measurement data from a variety of sources to access network synchronization and performs a wide range of analysis.
The TimeMonitor application is an advanced synchronization measurement analysis software tool that can import and analyze synchronization data from a number of sources.
These include dedicated jitter/wander tests used in...
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Designed for adverse environmental conditions

The 8200 combines excellent frequency stability and low phase noise in a hermetically sealed, shock and vibration hardened package. It is an ideal choice for a wide variety of ground tactical, shipboard, and airborne applications.
The 8200 is a precision rubidium oscillator designed to withstand a wide range of operating environments with minimal degradation in frequency accuracy and stability.
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Miniature Atomic Clock​​ - MAC

SA.31m, SA.33m & SA.35m

Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC).
Rubidium Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC) features compact design and low power consumption.

Cost effective, and easily adaptable to a wide variety of timing and synchronization applications, Microsemi's SA.3Xm is the world's first commercially available atomic clock. 

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Chip Scale Atomic Clock - CSAC


Unmatched combination of breakthroughs - reduced Size, Weight and Power consumption (SWaP) - brings the accuracy and stability of atomic clocks to portable applications.
The Microsemi SA.45s CSAC is the world's first commercially available chip scale atomic clock, providing the accuracy and stability of atomic clock technology while achieving true breakthroughs in reduced size, weight and power consumption.
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LTE-Lite Small Cell Reference


The breakthrough LTE-Lite Frequency and Timing SMT module integrates a GPS receiver, filtered power supplies, and a software-disciplined crystal oscillator into a 0.7 x 1.18 inch footprint GPSDO SMT module.
The LTE-Lite uses true analog crystal disciplining for superior phase noise and jitter performance. 
The LTE-Lite time and frequency reference provides GNSS time and frequency synchronization...
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18-channel GPS Full-Constellation Simulator

CLAW GPS Simulator

The CLAW 18-Channel Full-Constellation GPS Simulator is the industry's first fully-self contained, low size-, weight-, and power (SWaP) miniature GPS Simulator module.
In comparison to competitive products that require external computers for processing and control, the CLAW Simulator works fully self-contained by storing location/time/date data in internal NV memory...
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4037A L1/L2 Distribution Amplifier


The 4037A provides sixteen outputs from a single input for distributing signals communication systems, satellite earth stations, test facilities and engineering laboratories.

The 4037A is a 1-input, 16-output L1/L2-Band amplifier housed in a compact 1U, 19-inch rack mount chassis.
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Ten Channel RF Distribution Amplifier


The 6502B delivers a centralized reference signal to up to 100 different equipment stations without degrading the signal or creating crosstalk.

Designed for use in calibration laboratories, engineering facilities and production test operations, the 6502B is comprised of ten, low phase noise RF amplifiers that maintain high channel isolation.
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Intelligent Switch and Distribution System


The 9611B switch and distribution system is an intelligent switching, monitoring and distribution system, packaged in a 1U rack-mount chassis.
The 9611B can be set up to distribute a wide range of signal formats; low noise sine waves, IRIG timecodes or pulse formats from either one of two inputs to all twelve outputs. The 9611B allows the user to deploy one model type to support multiple signaling formats...

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Pulse Distribution Amplifier


One-input, fifteen-output pulse distribution amplifier.

The 4033A provides fifteen outputs from a single input for distributing standard clock and other pulse rate signals in laboratory, factory, and test and measurement environments.

An Ethernet port on the rear panel provides the capability to remotely monitor the status of the input and all output signals.
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RF Distribution Amplifier


One-input, fifteen-output RF distribution amplifier delivers a centralized output signal without degradation.
The 4036B provides fifteen outputs from a single input for distributing RF signals in laboratory, factory, and test and measurement environments where low phase noise and high channel isolation are required.
The 4036B is a 1-input, 15-output RF distribution amplifier in a 1U...

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4059B Low Frequency Distribution Amplifier for IRIG A/B or G Time


One-input, fifteen-output low frequency amplifier ideal for distributing IRIG A/B or G time code.
The 4059B provides fifteen isolated outputs from a single input for distributing IRIG A/B or G timecode signals.

The 4059B is a one-input, fifteen-output Low Frequency amplifier housed in a compact i1U, 19 inch rack mount chassis.

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6-in-1 tester


ALBEDO Ether.Genius is a multitechnology tester equipped with all the features you need to install or maintain telecom networks based on Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), T1, E1, Datacom, Precision Time Protocol (PTP IEEE 1588), Jitter/Wander, C37.94 and One-way-delay test.
Moreover, in order to provide accurate time and synchronization measurements it can also be equipped...
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A brand new test&measurement platform


xGenius is an advanced platform to set up transmission and synchronization infrastructures.
It is equipped with a pleasant 8' capacitive touch-screen that facilitate use and results interpretation.
xGenius has 2 x SFP+, 2 x RJ45, 2 x BNC, RJ48, 4 x SMA and USB ports to keep in a good shape telecom resources because it supports all the features you need to design, install and maintain telecom, power, railway, finance, military...
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Built-in Rubidium clock


Ether10.Genius is a handheld tester 100% suitable for labs or field use because is full equipped (IP/Ethernet/PTP/T1/E1), battery operated (up to 24h of operation), light (1.2kg) and very rugged.
The unit is able to test Ethernet/IP networks up to 10Gb/s while supporting master/slave Sync-E/PTP emulation.
It also has interfaces for PDH/T1/E1/E0 and IEEE C37.94. Operation modes includes Performance...
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Filter/Capture/Record at full duplex Gbit


This unique Packet Capture Appliance is ideal for Security and Forensic applications because it is capable of analyzing ALL packets in a full duplex live line, while capturing those that are compliant with a trigger condition, or with any of the 15+15 programmable filters.

Suspicion packets can either be saved in a local hard disk drive -at wirespeed- either be tapped to a LAN.
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Minimize investment risks


NetStorm generates those perturbances typical of IP and Carrier Ethernet to test applications, devices and protocols that should be tolerant with packet delay, jitter, loss, duplication, reordering, error and bandwidth variations.
Have a look and try this flexible tool, you will love it after discovering how the latest FPGA can overcome previous limitations in accuracy, space or performance.
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