Cesium Primary Frequency Standard

Unsurpassed accuracy, stability, and reliability for demanding laboratory and field applications.
Accurate, stable, and capable of delivering extremely predictable time and phase for long periods, the 5071A meets the needs of leading-edge metrology and calibration labs. Used with GPS systems, the 5071A provides master clock integration for telecommunication, satellite communication, and navigation systems.

Key Features

  • Frequency accuracy to 5 x 10-13The intrinsic accuracy of the cesium beam tube assures that any 5071A Option 001 will power up to within 5 x 10-13 of the accepted standard for frequency. This is achieved under full environmental conditions in 30 minutes or less- and without the need for any adjustments or alignments.
  • Long-term stability better than 1 x 10-14The 5071A Option 001 high-performance cesium beam tube guarantees stability to be better than 1 part in 10-14 for averaging times of five days or greater. The 5071A is the first cesium standard to specify stability for averaging times longer than 100,000 seconds (approximately one day).
  • Easy to use with automatic startup and intuitive menu structureAutomatic startup is simple and requires no adjustments. A logical menu structure simplifies front-panel operations, selections, and status reporting. The 5071A can be operated and maintained anywhere. All controls are programmable, status can be checked remotely, and no adjustments or alignments are necessary during operation. An internal battery provides 45 minutes of backup in case of AC power failure.
  • Proven ReliabilityThe 5071A has demonstrated an average mean time between failures (MTBF) of greater than 160,000 hours since its introduction in 1992.
  • Robust Warranty
    The 5071A Standard Performance comes standard with a 2-year electronics warranty and 10-year tube warranty.
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