Focus Telecom together with Microsemi, the world leader in precise time solutions, sets Israel's standard for time "Preparing for Cyber Attacks on GPS Systems"

We are increasingly witnessing cyber attacks on GPS systems. How does this affect our lives and how is our organization set to continue its business operations if GPS collapses? Focus Telecom, which provides consulting, synchronization solutions, and cyber defense for banks, security organizations, government offices, and high-tech companies, provides an answer. | Shlomi Mazor

GPS has been an integral part of our daily lives already for a couple of years. Yet, we are unaware that many of the systems that surround us are synchronized via the Network Time Protocol (NTP), which is based on the time deriving from the satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS), itself owned by the American government.
We are totally reliant on GPS, including for cellular antennas which route our calls, ATMs and credit cards, the power grid, airport control towers, digital television broadcasts, public transportation, data centers, etc.
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Leap second
  A leap second is a one-second adjustment that is occasionally applied to civil time Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) to keep it close to the mean solar time at Greenwich, in spite of the Earth's rotation slowdown and irregularities.

UTC was introduced on January 1, 1972, initially with a 10 second lag behind International Atomic Time (TAI). Since that date, 27 leap seconds have been inserted, the most recent on 31.12.2016 at 23:59:60 UTC, so in 2018, UTC lags behind TAI by an offset of 37 seconds  
Focus Telecom together with Microsemi, the world leader in precise time solutions, sets Israel's standard for the time.

Microsemi’s timing and synchronization solutions to generate, distribute and apply precise time are used worldwide in multiple industries, including communications, aerospace/defense, IT infrastructure and metrology.

Our customers are able to build more reliable networks and systems based on Microsemi's advanced timing technologies, atomic clocks, services and solutions. Microsemi's Synchronization Systems support today's precise timing standards, including GPS-based timing, IEEE 1588 (PTP), Network Time Protocol (NTP), Synchronous Ethernet and DOCSIS® timing.
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