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War Without GPS

From Israel Defense:
"We assume that in the next war, our GPS-based systems won't be functioning," says a senior military figure.

So how is Israel preparing for this eventuality?
"In a future war, our enemies will have the ability to jam GPS guided weapons," a former senior IDF officer said.

"It's a challenge that has always been at the top of our priority list."

In Israel, the company responsible for defending Israeli GPS systems against jammers is Rokar, a Jerusalem-based subsidiary of BAE Systems.
Rokar's product line includes a family of Satellite Navigation Immune Receivers (SNIR), which makes GPS systems unsusceptible to jamming. SNIR can be found in aircraft, tanks, weapons, and naval vessels.

It uses advanced algorithms, signal processing, and anti-jamming technologies to support navigation systems in a multiple-jammer environment.




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