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Telecom Fraud Prevention

Telecom Fraud Management – Fraud Detection Solutions.

Telecom fraud has been rapidly growing throughout the industry over recent months and years making the deployment of telecom fraud management systems more important than ever. TransNexus has developed several solutions for telecom fraud management, prevention, and detection. TransNexus fraud detection solutions effectively eliminate the problems of traffic pumping fraud, PBX hacking, revenue sharing fraud, blind transfers, and call forwarding fraud for VoIP providers. The solution is to include smart monitoring features that sense when there is an unusual spike in call traffic to a specific destination. When a suspicious spike occurs, the TransNexus system simply and automatically blacklists the route, ensuring that fraud losses are kept to an absolute minimum without interrupting legitimate calls. 


With the increasing threat of fraud in the telecommunications industry, it is important to deploy an effective telecom fraud management system to protect your network. TransNexus has developed several fraud detection solutions that are compatible with Audio Codes, Broadworks, Cisco Call Manager, Metaswitch CFS and Perimeta, Oracle Acme Packet, Sansay, Sonus and Taqua platforms.





NexOSS-FC is a fraud prevention and detection solution that uses SIP Analytics™ to detect fraudulent calling trends before calls are made. The TransNexus NexOSS-FC solution scores each SIP Invite for fraud potential before it enters your network. SIP Analytics™ uses the same techniques as CDR analytics, but is much faster and uses SIP header information, not available in CDRs, for smarter fraud detection with fewer false positives.





SDReporter is a complete fraud detection and call detail record (CDR) reporting and analysis solution. Designed to be simple and efficient, SDReporter is easy to install and provides comprehensive telecom fraud, call completion, and Quality of Service (QoS) reports and alarms. Other fraud detection features include fraud blacklists, fraud scoring, call diversion, and call blocking.



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