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Sync Smart 2017

Focus Telecom’s Time and Frequency synchronization annual seminar


The Seminar Will Take Place On the 21/06/2017 at Ramada Hotel, Netanya (Click For Location)

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  • 08:45 - Gathering + breakfast
  • 09:15 - Welcome words. Omer Sharar, Focus Telecom Sync SBU Manager
  • 09:30 - Intro to Focus Telecom. Meir Friedman, Focus Telecom, CEO
  • 09:45 - The complete solution. Duke Buckner, Microsemi, Director of Sales


End-to-End, monitored, mission-critical network timing solutions

  • 10:00 - Fully monitored, grand-scale timing solutions.

Mr. Nir Tshobani, Focus Telecom, System Engineer

  • Approach to designing end-to-end, grand scale NTP/PTP sync solutions in IT networks
  • Monitoring and management of synchronization in IT networks
  • Case studies and real life deployments


Product updates and new product introductions

  • 10:45 - Build on the momentum. Eran Gilat, Microsemi, EMEA application engineer
  • Introducing SyncServer S6x0 V2 and roadmap
  • The new S50 NTP server – small form factor NTP server
  • IGM 1100 V2
  • TimeProvider 5000 V3.1 


Coffee break & split to Hall A & B (11:15-11:30)


(Hall B) Minimizing downtime in your 4G/5G network

  • 11:45 - Monitoring PTP in LTE-A Networks. Nir Tshobani & Mr. Eran Gilat
  • Monitoring PTP in LTE-A and 5G networks – design and approach
  • IGM 1100 and TimePictra – end to end PTP monitoring solution


(Hall B) Enabling 5G and next-gen WiFi

  • 12:30 - Sync Requirements to Come. Joseph Neil, Microsemi, Solutions Architect
  • Introducing 5G and next-gen WiFi synchronization requirements
  • Phase synchronization architecture at network edge: the “Outside-in approach” 


(Hall A) Revolutionizing the legacy GPS world

  • 11:45 -Introducing JLT’s CLAW / Transcoder & GPSDO world. Omer Sharar
  • Introducing Jackson Labs Technologies’ CLAW – the world’s first RF GNSS signal transcoder.
  • Introducing JLT’s GPSDOs portfolio (GPS Disciplined Oscillators)


(Hall A) Miniature frequency standards – today and tomorrow

  • 12:15 - Latest developments and future for miniature clocks. Will Krzewick, Microsemi, Clocks Application Engineer
  • CSAC+ (space)
  • MAC-D
  • Future technologies in miniature frequency standards


(Hall A) The next level TCG

  • 13:00 - The SyncSystem 4380A. Jeremy Warriner, Microsemi, Director of Gov. Systems


Lunch & reunite from split (13:30-14:30)


GPSdome - The commercial GPS anti jamming and spoofing solution

  • 14:30 - GPSdome product updates and case studies. Moshe Kaplan, GPSdome, CTO
  • GPSdome introduction
  • GPSdome field trials at timing and synchronization applications


A portable, affordable, synchronization testing solution by Albedo Telecom

  • 15:00 - Testing PTP with the Ether.Genius. Nir Tshobani
  • Introducing Albedo’s Ether.Genius
  • Testing scenarios and demo


Mitigating GNSS dependency

  • 15:30 - Mitigation strategies for telecom and defense networks. Eran Gilat
  • Introducing the ePRTC standard: ITU-G.8272.1
  • Introducing Microsemi’s TimeSource ePRTC
  • ePRTC cores combined with time transfer techniques as GNSS dependency mitigation strategies for telecom and defense


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Haeshel 7,Caesarea | Tel: +972-(0)-46273111 | Fax: +972-153-4-6270666