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RT Logic's innovative signal processing systems and software provide field-proven capabilities for communication with satellites, spacecraft, missiles, and airborne platforms.

From factory test to flight, from ground data networking to RF Links - the defense and aerospace community trusts RT Logic to solve its mission's most difficult test and communication problems.


Space and Ground Communication (view details)

RT Logic has been meeting mission-critical customer requirements for satellite TT&C and mission data processing (including remote sensing) ground systems for over 17 years.

We continue to build on the strength of our past performance success, and customers continue to place their trust in our proven ability to support both new and legacy program requirements.



Satellite Control Centers                                                                                                                                                       TT&C Ground Stations


Mission Downlink Receivers (view details)

The RT Logic T400RCV Receiver system is a modular, firmware-defined receiver and digital processing unit. The system’s flexible architecture allows the T400RCV to support many different mission configurations.

Firmware-defined waveform processing allows the T400RCV to be used as a replacement for legacy receiver models or for new applications.

Multichannel systems support diversity combining or multiple simultaneous downlinks.  

Product Description

The T400RCV is ideal for aircraft, missile, and satellite telemetry ground station and test applications.

The standard packaging is a 19-inch, rack-mount unit capable of hosting multiple downconverters, upconverters, and demodulator cards.

Three enclosure options (5U, 2U, 1U) provide the ideal combination of rack density, fault tolerance, flexibility, and cost to meet your needs.



(view details

Key Features:

  • Software/Firmware Customizable Waveforms.
  • PSK, PM, FM, and TDRS waveforms.
  • 70 MHz IF and fully integrated S/L-Band interfaces.
  • Spectral display, I/Q vector plot






Mobile Earth Station (view details)


  • Transportable 3.9m Ku-Band Tri-fold Antenna.
  • Integrated LNA, HPA, Converter in Redundancy Configuration.
  • Modular HVAC Shelter with Rooftop Access.
  • Intelligent Network Management System.
  •  1-hr Uninterruptible Power Supply for Critical Electronics.
  • On-board Power Generation, 24-hrs Diesel Fuel Tank & Power Distribution.
  • Lightning Protection & Grounding Kit.
  • Removable Platform for Full Earth Station Payload.
  • Off-Road Qualified Heavy Duty Trailer.
  • Stabilizers & Level Provisions.
  • Lifting Gears, Tools, Ladders & Accessories.



VSAT – BUC & RF sub-systems


Agilis RF Products (view details)

From our humble beginnings in producing phase-locked, dielectric resonator oscillators (PL-DRO) and Low-Noise Block Down Converters (LNB), ST Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems) has developed into a specialist in the design, development and manufacturing of full range, quality Satellite products and solutions.
The most advanced Ku & Ka compact BUC's in the industry (view details)






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VSAT / Man Pack

55227 (1)1

Agilis Manpack Terminal (view details)

  • High performance flat panel antenna.
  • Extremely compact and Rugged.
  • Optimal size, weight and power.
  • Built-in Tx & Rx Rejection Filter.
  • Intelligent power management System (iPMS).
  • Built-in GPS & 4.5inch LCD touch screen with simple GUI.
  • Built-in Compass.
  • Supports external wide range AC & DC supply.
  • Compact packaging for easy transpot.
  • MIL-STD-810F Compliance & weather-proof IP65.
  • Optional manual battery charging in the field.
  • High performance Ku band Parabolic antenna.
  • Weight: Less than 11.5 kg.
  • Extremely compact and Rugged Optimal size.


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