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CRM and dialer Application for IP Centrex

Focus Telecom has a joint venture with ITC Tech  for developing  CRM and dialer applications for the  Broadsoft IP Centrex platform.

In addition, those applications are compatible with a variety of PBXs like:

Nortel, Panasonic, LG, Avaya, Cisco, Epygi ,Tadiran Coral and more.


Following is a short description of the applications developed for Broadsoft IP Centrex Business customers:


  • CRM Centrex
    CRM Application for a business IP Centrex customers with a dialer which enables  click to dial  via  OUTLOOK, GAL,  Lotus notes and a variety of management software like SAP and MS CRM.
    - Customer care
    - Campaign management by each user
    - Telemarketing
    - Customer database
    - Task management
    - Chat etc. 
    - Automatic dialing groups
    - Private broadcasting warnings for all abandoned calls using SMS and email. 
    - History of all calls: outgoing, incoming, abandoned, for each user— information including names. 
    - Favorites Report.
    - Automatic dialer. 
    - Outbound dialing from history


  • CRM Connect 
    a plug-in adaptor which enables Broadsoft IP Centrex user to work with any CRM application such:
    SAP CRM, MS-CRM, Dynamic, Sales Force, Lotus notes, Cemax, Cematrix, In-Touch, Barak, Follow-up, My business, Gold+, Zebra, Vapura, office, GAL and more.


Each one of the applications describes above includes a dialer which enable dialing  from any screen and documents : Excel, PDF, WEB, WORD, and more.





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