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Case Studies


Shikun & Binui Group

Deployment of 300 telephone extensions and IP exchange at the offices of the company set up one of the major IP networks in Israel.


10 BIS E-Commerce company

Since 2009, the 10 BIS E-Commerce company has operated a telephone exchange and call-center on top of an Asterisk PBX connected to 100 Snom IP telephones of various types, such as Snom 320 and Snom 370.


TV Channel 10

Deployment of Asterisk PBX at TV channel 10 extends over a number of locations across the country. About 350 Snom IP telephones of different models were installed, most of them Snom 320.



The company operates as a branch of the U.S. office in Los Angeles. After the Asterisk PBX was installed, audible range issues became noticeable. In the estimation of the installation contractor, the disturbances were caused by IP phones made in China. The company has upgraded to Snom IP phones made in Germany.


Haeshel 7,Caesarea | Tel: +972-(0)-46273111 | Fax: +972-153-4-6270666