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Hosted Call Recording Solution


OrecX - Oreka TR call recording

OrecX offers the industry's most affordable, full-featured call recording and quality monitoring solution, available at about half the price of competitive offerings. 

Oreka TR allows clients to search, find and categorize recordings based on time or date of call, incoming phone number, outgoing phone number or other customer requirements. The VoIP Ready Oreka TR integrates with any phone system. Access to the calls is provided with standard browsers like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, without installing any additional software. Replay of calls works with a standard Media Player. Powerful and flexible search criteria allow for immediate and accurate retrieval.


Recording and storage

  • Record VoIP SIP sessions by passively listening to network packets.
    Both sides of a conversation are mixed together and each call is logged as a separate audio file.
  • Record from a standard sound device (e.g. microphone or line input).
    Can record multiple channels at the same time. Each recording goes to separate audio files.
  • Open plugin architecture for audio capture means that the system is potentially capable of recording from any audio source.
  • Automatic audio segmentation so that continuous audio sources can be split in separate audio files and easily retrieved later.
  • Voice activity detection.
  • GSM6.10, A-Law and u-Law compression available in order to save disk space.
  • Recording metadata logged to file and/or any mainstream database system.


User interface
Recordings retrieval can be done using the following criteria (when available):

  • Timestamp.
  • Recording duration.
  • Direction (for a telephone call).
  • Remote Party (for a telephone call).
  • Local Party (for a telephone call)




CTI Group - SmartRecord® call recording

The First Multi-tenant Hosted Recording solution on the market.
The core system component is CTIG’s award winning call recording platform. It is built upon carrier-grade architecture therefore providing five-9s availability and reliability, whilst utilising industry standard components for low cost of ownership. Deployment options include support for local and geographical redundancy as well as full compliance for industry standard regulations such as PCI DSS, Dodd Frank, HIPPA, MiFID and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

The feature-rich system has three variants:

  • Record-It-Now! is designed for users who require a simple but reliable recording system offering recording, search and playback, and archival facilities.
  • SmartRecord® Standard is an entry level call center solution providing a rich set of features such as live call monitoring, real-time dashboard with drill-down, call categorisation and evaluation tools, and integration with third party CRM systems.
  • SmartRecord® Professional is an advanced call center solution that includes limited access to CTIG’s real-time audio mining system, which provides automated call categorization and alerting based upon the content of the conversation.

SmartRecord® can be delivered direct to business customers as an on-premise solution, or to Service Providers operating hosted voice services who wish to add call recording as a service.
SmartRecord® for Service Providers is a multi-tenant, carrier-grade solution suitable for hosting in the network as a SaaS product.



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